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2019 Award Winners  

On February 20, 2019 Morgan County Soil and Water Conservation District hosted its Annual Meeting for landowners.  Several local citizens were presented awards for making an impact in soil and water conservation in Morgan County.  We are ever grateful for the resources found with in our county but even more so the residents who devote so much energy caring for these valuable resources.

2019 Environmental Award

Leonard Huffman

Huffman has lived in Martinsville for over 36 years. He served in the USAF Security Service for 4 years as a Morse Intercept Operator, with tours of duty in Italy and Taiwan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Indiana University in Political Science from Indiana University.

After a long career of serving Morgan County in other positions, Leonard has served as the Director and Controller of the Morgan County Solid Waste Management District (MCSWMD) for over 10 years. When he started working for the SWMD, there were only 3 recycle bins in 3 locations around the county.  He has worked hard to increase that number to 11 bins in 6 locations! In  2018 the SWMD collected 1,252.01 tons of material at 6 locations for recycling and diverted from landfills and disposed of 121.4 tons of toxic material .  In addition, 806 lbs. of meds were collected out-of-our homes, off-our-streets, out-of-our water supplies and properly disposed of.   We are grateful to have Leonard’s faithful dedication to Morgan County and his efforts to increase awareness and accessibility to recycling.

2019 Conservation in Education Award

Green Township Elementary

Principal Paul Spahr

Principal Spahr has been an educator in  MSD Martinsville Schools for over 17 years and has been the principal at Green Township Elementary for 2 years.  The idea of a Agriculture focused elementary was born out of conversations between himself and the previous principal, Jarrod Burns.  Currently each class has curriculum that focuses on animal and plant sciences.   Students perform research, collaborate on projects, and care for their plants and animals .  Their goal is to show students the source of their food while also helping them realize how interconnected agriculture and the environment are. They also want students to understand that there are many traditional and nontraditional career opportunities in the field of agriculture. The program at Green Township Elementary would not be possible without the support of the community and the leadership of Principal Spahr and his staff.  We want recognize them for their efforts in educating children about caring for the land.



2019 Conservation Award

Tracy and Chris Hunter

Hunter’s Honey Farms

Hunter's Honey Farm is a family owned farm that has been keeping bees in Indiana since 1910 and in Morgan Co. since 1950. Today, Tracy, Chris and Mackenzie work in the bees, produce the honey products and sale them at farmers markets. Their son Ross is teaching beekeeping in Guinea, Africa through the Peace Corps. Besides the bees, the farm manages 4,000 Christmas trees and 75 acres of hardwood timber. This past year, they received a grant from the NRCS of the USDA to plant flowering species that will benefit many pollinator species. Another requirement of the grant is to use BMP to improve the farm's hardwood timber stand such as removing invasive species, and thinning less valuable trees. Hunter's Honey Farm promotes good stewardship of their land and environmental sustainability by reusing materials, recycling paper, plastic, glass and metal, and only applying minimal chemicals as a last resort to save a beehive or Christmas tree.  We want to recognize them for their efforts in conservation and improving the land and water they care for so well

2019 Urban Farmer Award

Bob Elliott

Bob moved into Morgan County 18 years ago and has worn many hats of leadership since then.  He has been involved with the Greater Martinsville Chamber of Commerce and has chaired the Chamber’s Business and Community Development Committee and the Martinsville Economic Development Plan.  He has also served in multiple roles for Morgan County Habitat for Humanity and the SERTOMA club. He helped in the establishment of Rediscover Martinsville. For the past several years, Bob has been integral in the re-establishment of the Morgan County Farmer’s Market and his dedication has helped to keep the market going and growing. He currently serves as their board president. Bringing the producers of this community into the city and providing that connection between the two is the ultimate goal of the Market.  They have locations in Mooresville and Martinsville and hope that providing a local market, will support growers and provide consumers with a wide variety of fresh products not always available in stores. We are grateful for community members such as Bob who  work to improve the inter-urban connection with the environment.

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