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Soil Health Restore Cost Share Program

The Soil Health Restore Cost Share Program

Available in Owen and Morgan Counties




Program Goal:

Improve the soil health of enrolled corn/bean fields through a combined regime of zone based soil testing, soil health testing, precise nutrient placement, conservation tillage, and continuous living cover.



Anticipated Program Benefits:

Reduced soil loss, improved water holding capacity, increased carbon sequestration, improved crop yields, reduced pest pressure, improved crop resilience, enhanced biological diversity, and reduced fertilizer inputs.



Program Eligibility:

  • Corn/Bean fields greater than 10 and less than 100 acres

  • Landowner or Operator can participate

  • Must have control of land for 3 year term of program



Program Components

(3 consecutive years, $30/acre average payment per year):

Nutrient management cost-share payment, including:

  • Standard Soil Testing with amendment recommendation

  • H3A Soil Health Test at beginning and end of program

  • Fall/Winter cover crop, cost-share payment



Participant Commitment:

  • 3 consecutive years of soil testing, cover crops, nutrient amendments, and conservation tillage for field(s) enrolled in program

  • Share average past and current crop yield data for enrolled fields(confidential)

  • Follow SWCD staff recommendations for cover crop species/mixes



Program Ranking:

Priority ranking will be given to fields that are:

  • Highly Erodible (HEL) or Floodplain

  • Currently Tilled

  • Previously not cover-cropped

To Mail your application:

Morgan County SWCD

180 S. Main Street, Suite 002

Martinsville, IN 46151


Due to the possibility that Morgan County SWCD staff may be working out in the field, it is best to email us or call us with questions for a quick response!  Applications can also be submitted via email!  



Phone:  (765)349-2060

Morgan County 

Soil & Water 

Conservation District

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