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Seriously Silly Story of a Waterdrops Journey

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Teacher Resources To Use With the Book:
  A Seriously Silly Story of a Waterdrops Journey
Several copies of this book were distributed to schools in Morgan County through a partnership with the Morgan County SWCD, Morgan County Partnership for Water Quality, Monroe County SWCD and the Author, Martha Miller.  If you need a copy of the book for your classroom in Morgan County, there will be extra copies available at the Morgan County SWCD and the Morgan County Library.  You can click on the link above if you would like to purchase your own copy.
The following lesson boxes and supplies are available for your classroom use by emailing the Morgan County SWCD at

Let The Author Read to Your Class!

Lesson in a box:

Measuring the Effects of Permeable Surfaces on Stormwater

Students develop an understanding of how stormwater is formed and where it goes.  Through a game and experimentation, they will gather information and measure the difference in quantity of stormwater produced by installing conservation practices in models and analyze the difference between the practices.  Students will learn about how community planners can decrease the amount and pollution of stormwater in their communities by implementing these best management practices.

This lesson and all of the supplies needed to perform it in your classroom are available by emailing the Morgan County SWCD.

Design a Community Kit:

Creating a better Community with Stormwater

Students study the causes and effects of different non-point pollution causes and the Best Practice Managements best suited to help prevent each type.  Using a map and the knowledge gained, they work together to design improvements in a  community and its waterways.

Download Lesson here

Download a sample map here  

or have kids use a map of their neighbor hood.  You

can print them one or have them draw it themselves.

Download Examples of Best Management Practices here


If you are unable to download and print, email the Morgan County SWCD at to have copies of this lesson and supporting materials delivered to your classroom 

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Teacher Resources for Stormwater Education

Cartoon:  Freddy the Fish teaches about Stormwater

Video: What is a rain garden and how they work to clean stormwater?

Printable Activities: A Fish's Wish: A tale of polluted runoff and how to prevent it.

There are several lesson plans at PBS about the water cycle and water pollution.  Click here to see more:  PBS Learning Media 

Morgan County 

Soil & Water 

Conservation District

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